Supporting and Guiding You Through the Natural Homebirth Journey

Welcome to Traditional Midwifery of Lynchburg. We are a team of birth professionals including a licensed Certified Professional Midwife, apprentices, and assistants offering midwifery care and home birth services in Lynchburg, Virginia and surrounding communities. Our goal is to help families design and realize a plan for maternal and newborn care that is faithful to the traditional goals of midwifery. Normal, physiological childbirth—minimizing interventions to the natural process, yet accessing the best of modern technology when necessary or desired—is the best way, in our minds, to start a family and a life.

When women are healthy, encouraged, and well-supported, birth can be safest and most satisfying in the private, intimate comfort of the family home. When this happens, a family is set up from the beginning, to experience all the benefits of starting off with minimal intervention and a maximum of confidence. As midwives our goal is to support and guide families desiring this option.

Feel free to contact or call us with any questions.

– Leslie Payne, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife)