About Us


Our practice is made up of a team of birth professionals including a licensed Certified Professional Midwife, apprentices, and assistants. We offer midwifery care and home birth services in Lynchburg, VA and surrounding communities.

Our Philosophy

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting make up the preeminent journey of life as a family. Our goal is to help you focus on the best choices available to you, your individual family, and this particular pregnancy. Our philosophy is that birth is at its best when least manipulated. Healthy mothers experiencing ‘uneventful’ (as they say) pregnancies rarely need any more elaborate tools than simple faith and support to give birth well.

What We Do

  • Document, guide and guard the normal pregnancy.
  • Encourage and shepherd you in good health.

If interventions and drugs can be left behind, the natural physiologic process will serve you well.

What Can Be Guaranteed

An amazing, remarkable, ‘eventful’ journey. Nothing else.

Part of the beauty of birth is its mystery. As we work harder and harder to control it (which we have been unable to do), we can lose or even destroy the mystery.

Screening, Testing, & Procedures

Many screens, tests, and procedures are available to you. Your task will be to carefully consider the risks, benefits, and alternatives of each one, choosing the ones you believe will benefit you and your baby.

The ‘difference’ provided by the Midwives Model of Care lies partially in the balance of shared responsibility. Together, we explore the kind and level of care you desire and/or require, but you have ultimate authority over how your course of care will take shape. We will be clear with you if and when we note anything outside the normal realm, and together we will examine the suitable responses for addressing specific issues.

Occasionally (but rarely) emergencies occur and decisions need to be made quickly. We are trained to recognize and handle these appropriately. Our goal is to be there with and for you should such a problem arise.