Payment Info

Our fee for midwifery care and home birth is $5000.

A $500 retainer is required by the second prenatal visit, or when contracts are signed. The full fee is due at 36 weeks of pregnancy, unless a different arrangement has been made.

You may arrange your own payment schedule by discussing your plan with the midwife. We try to be flexible with these arrangements, and hope to be able to come up with a plan that works well for all of us. Our care is unique in that it is individualized and personal, requiring a good bit of time!

Fees cover the following services:

  • Prenatal Care- Regular prenatal visits, each approximately one hour long. Visits are monthly until 28-30 weeks; twice monthly until 36 weeks; then weekly until birth. Prenatal care includes nutritional counseling, basic in-house lab work (urine testing and hemoglobin checks), monitoring health of mother and baby, education and preparation for birth at home.
  • Use of books and other educational resources.
  • Availability by phone and email throughout pregnancy.
  • 24-hr on-call service from 37 weeks until birth.
  • At least one trained assistant to help at your birth
  • Care during labor and birth.
  • Immediate postpartum and newborn care.
  • Postpartum visits in your home as needed.
  • Follow-up postpartum office visit at six weeks to finalize care.

Payment by Pay Pal is available with an additional processing fee.

Health Insurance:

If you have a medical insurance policy with maternity care benefits, a portion of your care may be covered depending on the company and your individual policy. We are non-participating providers for most companies. It would be your responsibility to contact your company to find out what kind of coverage you might expect. After the baby is born, we will provide you with a statement of charges that you can submit it to your company per your agreement with them. Since we are out-of-network providers, any reimbursement from your company will be made to you, per your individual policy details.

We have worked with several Medical Sharing Companies very well and can help you comply with what they require to meet the standards referenced above.

Please call and discuss these terms with us personally because each case is different.